Cannabinoids Promote Healthy Placental Development & Positive Pregnancy Outcomes



A new study published this month by the journal Reproduction, and published online by the National Institute of Health, has found exciting new evidence to suggest that proper cannabinoid signalling can lead to health placental development during pregnancy, and an overall good pregnancy outcome.

This is good research to have done when we are entering the world of medicating children. A lot of fear has been spread from the damage of the brain to late development etc.of children, but there have still not been any serious study to back up these claims. On  the other hand both mothers and children seem to be just fine, and sometimes even better.  So if you need medication during your pregnancy, maybe cannabis would be the healthier solution compared to some of the other alternatives.

Therefore, this study supports the importance of cannabinoid signalling during cytotrophoblast cell turnover and that its deregulation may be implicated in altered placental development pregnancy outcome.

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The actual study from the US National Library of Medicine