Our aim is to inform and educate the public on the therapeutic qualities of CBD made accessible through high quality hemp (CBD) oil.

Here is information on:

  • FAQs  – information on dosage, strength, quality, the difference between cannabis, marijuana, THC and hemp seed oil.  CBD is the healing substance of the cannabis plant.  Plants have been specially bred to contain MAXIMUM CBD and MINIMUM THC (the substance in cannabis sought to give the psychoactive ‘high’). It should not be confused with hemp SEED oil (the common hemp oil purchased as a health food) which has very minute amounts of CBD. You can easily tell from a bottle if it is CBD hemp oil or hemp seed oil as it will state the strength.  This will be stated in the amount per bottle (eg 100mg, 300mg, 500mg or 100mg) or amount per serving.  You should try to determine the % of hemp (CBD) in the oil.  Heavy metals, contaminants and other ingredients are of concern so ensure the product you choose is entirely pure.  Ask the supplier for laboratory test results.
  • Research articles on health conditions treated with CBD and the outcomes of that research. It has been shown in extensive  to be beneficial to many health conditions*.
  •  Latest news on Hemp (CBD) oil.   The legal status on Hemp ‘CBD’ products is that as of February 2016 CBD is not permitted to be marketed as CBD oil but as hemp oil due to FDA restrictions. It can now only be sold legally as ‘hemp oil’ a dietary supplement.




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